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Celandia snoozed sleepily in her web "hut" locating in the Luminous Hallows of the Evernight forest,  which was more like web tunnel than then anything else, which was created from the finest and thickest of silk.  She felt vibrations coming her way and stretched  her arms amd all eight of her furry spider legs.  She shook her head, making her black hair whip around her tall ox like horns, which pointed straight up.  She had a greenish-grey hue to her skin.  Her good eye was yellow, with a black slit instead of a round pupil.  She yawned, revealing her long sharp teeth. She had a nice big bust and a perfect figure, thanks to all the fighting she did in the Evernight forest against its inhabitants.  She stood up and stretched once more, standing nearly 120 feet tall.  Now, to anyone who was not a resident of Felarya, she would instantly be pegged as a Dridder, a species of half spider half human beings that is found throughout Felarya.  But to many of Dridders and other creatures of the Evernight Forest, Celandia made it perfectly clear she was no Dridder, she was an Ox Dridder, a type of long forgotten Dridder.  Ox Dridders were a very old, very powerful species of the Dridder race, but were thought to be long dead.  However, residents of the Evernight Forest knew this wasn't true, though sometimes wished it was.  The vibrations got closer and Celandia slinked deeper into her tunnel.  She watched as a team of five explorers walked through the cave, human explorers.  Which meant no more gross Dridders to eat.  Real meat was on the menu.  Nevertheless, Celandia was a little, or a lot, malicious at heart.  She was going to have fun with these ones.  Celandia smiled and exited her tunnel, making sure she wouldn't make a sound.

The explorers moved onward, unaware that just above them, moving more silently than night falling, was the Ox Dridder Celandia.  She spread her legs across the walls of the cave, moving just above the light of their lanterns.  One explorers was slowing down, he had dropped something, and Celandia smiled.  She loved it when fate decided to reward her for her cunning.  She edged closer but stopped when she saw what the man had dropped, a small doll.  To any other creature this would be nothing, but to Celandia it was very important, it was a doll fashioned to look like her, and was owned by a little girl in a village not far from Luminous Hallows . . .

Celandia had made a pact with this people when she first arrived, as was customary of Ox Dridders and promised that she would protect them from anyone or anything who would try to harm them.  In return, the villagers would send "bad" people toward her, so she could eat.  The people were at first very frightened of the titanic creature, but over time came to trust and adore her.  Celandia fought huge creatures and protected the village from being eaten or destroyed.  After a while, they learned to defend themselves from most creatures, only calling on Celandia when a huge creature tried to eat them,  They held an annual celebration in her honor, called "The Dance of the Ox".  There was a big feast, for both the people and Celandia.  Celandia would sit near the festival and smoke her huge pipe, as children climbed up her legs and people talked to her.  Celandia was not known for her show of affection, but showed her affection for the people in small amounts.  However, she was always there, watching over them, always making sure she kept her pact.  But this doll was proof that she had been lazy and something had happened.  She glared as the man tossed the doll back into his pack so carelessly, Kara would have been furious with her precious "Mushy Celly" had been treated that way.  The doll itself was worth a small fortune, been made of material only found in the Evernight forest as well as stitched together with Celandia's own silk.  Nevertheless, who knows what else these marauders had taken.  An Ox Dridder does not forget a pact, and when a pact is broken, it is compensated for.  And the only way to fix this was to kill these marauders.  Celandia took great joy in leaning closer to the marauder has he walked, she was delighted to whisper in his ear "Don't look behind you if you want to live.  Now tell me where you got the doll."  She said.  The man tried to turn around, but Celandia hissed "Not just yet, where did you get the doll?"  She told him.

"From a village a little ways from here."  The man answered.  So her suspicions and fears had been realized.  

"And what has happened to the village?"  She asked.  

"The people refused to cooperate, so we were forced to take action, as are our orders.  We whipped the whole village off this gods forsaken map."  The man said.  Celandia's stomach dropped, she had let her people die.  She promised to protect them and had failed to keep her part of it, and it lead to the deaths of all those people, her people.  She gritted her teeth, there was only one way to make this right, to punish the people who did this.  

"Drop the doll and walk five steps forward, then stop."  Celandia commanded.  The man did as she asked.  She took the doll in her claw and held it, staring at it, remembering the warmth of the people, the sound of their laughter, their overwhelming kindness.  She turned her attention back to the man.  

"What you have done today, have led to your punishment.  Now turn around."  She said.   She was ecstatic when he did and looked in horror at her, and she was overjoyed when she clamped her sharp teeth down on him.  The other Marauders turned to see what had happened to their friend and looked in horror at Celandia.  She looked at them and grinned.

"Oh, it seems that your friend has become an appetizer.  And your next!"  Celandia laughed.

The Marauders ran as soon as they saw what had happened to their friend, eaten by some kind of demon.  And at this point, that is what Celandia was, a demon.  A vengeful, hungry, angry demon who will not stop until all of those marauders are either dead or eaten.  She swung with her hands, swiping at the marauders.  She got one and popped him into her mouth.

"Run, run as fast as you can!!!"  Celandia cackled, now running.  She didn't run at her full speed, but made sure to be right behind them.  The three ran, their hearts beating faster and faster.  One tripped and Celandia crushed him under one of her legs.  The two others look in horror and Celandia ground his body into the ground.

"You shouldn't have killed all the people in that village!!!" Celandia roared.

"An Ox Dridder does not fail in her pact, and when someone breaks it, hell is the least of your worries!!!!" Celandia roared again.  

One of the men turned and fire a small machine that shot an even small piece of metal.  The small lead ball bounced off her skin.  She looked at where the bullet hit her and then at the man, who was shaking in his boots.  Celandia sighed and leaned in close to man, who stared at her in shock and fear.

"That wasn't a smart thing to do now was it?"  Celandia asked, the man shook his head no.  She smiled.

"I am glad you realized that."  She said, and then ate him.

The last man tripped and turned to look at her in fear.

"From where do you come from human?  And answer me honestly, I don't like liars."  She asked leaning in so she could hear him.

"A Deluran camp Ma'am."  The man said.   Celandia knew of the Deluran people, and had no clue why they would attack an innocent village of people.  The reason didn't matter, only the punishment.

"Why did you attack those people?"  Celandia asked.

"They had supplies we needed."  He answered.  This man made Celandia angry.  Even after all these years, good people were killed by greed.  It enraged her.  Humans were so petty, which is why she liked Felarya, it put humans in their place, which was either under her feet or in her stomach.  She glared at the man and got close to his face.  The man wet his pants.

"First, get some new pants.  Second, run.  Run and tell your leaders that I am coming, that the great Ox Dridder Celandia, who is feared for her appetite as well as her wrath, is coming for vengeance and blood.  And that my pact will be fulfilled, with your deaths."  Celandia said.  The man took off running. . . . .

Celandia stood before the burned village, now merely embers.  It was dark, as was the nature of the Evernight Forest, but Celandia could see in the dark perfectly.  And what horror she saw.  Her friends, her people, lay dead, either burned, shot, or stabbed.  Their houses were nothing more than ash and crumbing wood.  Celandia's tears crashed against the burnt ashes, knowing that her friends . . . her family, were gone and it was her fault.  Celandia hadn't cried so much since she lost her first home . . .

Celandia turned away, sickened by the Dulerans complete disregard for human life, their brutality, and her failure.  She covered what remained of the village in silk, as was customary when a pact village was destroyed.  She held tightly onto "Mushi Ushi" and heade back to her home.

Celandia placed "Mushy Celly" at the entrance of her tunnel and started to head out.  She had her  pack, filled with medical herbs, pipe snuff, and a dagger from her old days.  He huge pipe was slung against her back.  She turned and roared into the Luminous Hallows "I will be back! And if that doll is moved or taken while I am gone, I will kill and/or eat every single thing that lives in here, you got that!"  Celandia got the nod of a thousand moving lights, all creatures that lived in the cave.   

"Good."  Celandia said and headed toward the way that the man went, to seek her revenge . . . and her repayment for the kindness of others.
This is my second Felarya story, because I didn't like my last one.

Felarya belongs to Karbo, who made this awesome world

Celandia and Ox Dridder belongs to me

Please comment!!!


I forgot to give credit to Moonlight-pendent13 for the luminous hallows!!!!!
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TheColdZephyr Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Well, the story wasn't horrible. I've gotten into Felarya myself, but I still don't like that you used Kenkou's take on the Ushi-Oni as her appearance. It wouldn't be hard to change things so that she isn't visually plagiarized. The Monster Girl Encyclopedia is a mirror opposite of Felarya, and I wouldn't want the Ushi-Oni of the MGE wrongly associated with a setting to which she does not belong.
I see that you removed the pictures, which is nice, since they weren't your art.

Now, with regards to the story itself: why was Celandia so lax in her protection that the village was burnt down? I mean, if she is bound by pact to protect a place, wouldn't she live a lot closer? It just feels like an odd lapse in logic.

Does the name 'Celandia' have any connection to the city of Caelondia from the video game 'Bastion'? Taking inspiration isn't wrong.
GodzillaPride Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry I haven't replyed sooner, but I get antsy when the comment starts with "Well, the story wasn't horrible", but I digress.
Yes, the original creature called the Ushi-Oni was inspired by Kenkou's Monster Girl Encyclopedia (filled with possibly the most adorable creatures I have ever seen!). But after a lot of comments from several people, I changed the name to "Ox Dridder" and I am in the process of doing a complete overhaul on the character Celandia and the Ox Dridder race.

Celandia was a very lax person. She dealed with big threats, not a couple of travelers. Also, Celandia is very vain, and like to keep an air of mystery about her, so she didn't stay close to her village.

Actually, the name Celandia literally means "the swallowing". I thought it would be funny considering her home world :)
TheLightLost Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist
I don't have much of a problem with the story. I do feel like this is nothing more than an attempt to show a member of this race in action so it doesn't feel complete or emotionally moving.

Does this character have a bio that I can read?
GodzillaPride Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Not yet
Karbo Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Also please don't forget to credit =Moonlight-pendent13 for the luminous hallow idea :) and I prefer to be called simply Karbo and I have not made all that alone you know XD
GodzillaPride Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Done and done
Karbo Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
well it's a nice story and an intriguing character ^^ I think you could just have developed a bit on the village and what it meant to her though. Also isn't she jumping a bit quickly on the conclusion that the village has been attacked and destroyed ?
GodzillaPride Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I have gone through and made several big changes, and also cleared up some other stuff. Thank you very much for the help, it means a lot :)
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